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The Seduction Game – BBC News

7 ottobre 2019

The Seduction Game – BBC News

BBC reporter Myles Bonnar spent two days on the streets of London with “pick-up” coaches, being encouraged to chat up women and teenagers. In this film, he reveals how it felt to be undercover and how he was almost caught. The “coaches” talked to him for hours about various techniques, including how to overcome the “last-minute resistance” of women to having sex.
The “pick-up” coaches record themselves apparently seducing women, and publish their videos online. As a result of the BBC investigation, YouTube has deleted the channels of Street Attraction and pick-up artist Adnan Ahmed, who was convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour by a court.
The London pick-up artists deny any wrongdoing.
Reporter – Myles Bonnar
Producers – Graham Fraser/BBC Scotland Disclosure Team

Source: BCC News – link Video youtube