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A prison made of thoughts

A prison made of thoughts
4 marzo 2021

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A prison made of thoughts


👉The mind is estimated to think at least 60,000 thoughts in a day.

And this network of thoughts is based more on:

what we have to do during the day

the people we need to meet and hear

memories that come to mind

✅ and nonsense banality 


rarely we focus on thoughts that are really important to us


THIS RETICLE of thoughts is what keeps you inside the boundaries of the known.

A bit like the rope around a dog’s neck… It is what makes you see the world, things and others according to the lenses of your culture, your past and your social skills.


👉This means that the device you are reading with is called SmartPhone or Computer because your socialization, and your senses, have accustomed you to this way.


Imagine for just a moment (instead) that you look around and see everything directly, without the mediation of the senses, your culture and your social world.


What would you see?

A nice mystery … right?

The weak point is that what keeps you from seeing this way is your mind.

How come? It is constantly speaking to itself



If, on the other hand, you were able to silence that voice (which speaks incessantly in your head) you could directly see the world for what it is.

That is, an infinite energy field in continuous flow.

🔉LET’S REPEAT the important things for a moment:


✴️ You are now looking at a smartphone or a computer or a tablet

✴️ If you stop for a few seconds, many different thoughts related to this device will emerge… many associations of ideas

✴️ These eternal associations that the mind makes constitute your prison

✴️ A prison where bars and walls are your constant thoughts.


NOW, silencing the continual inner voice does not mean telling her to shut up. It would be too easy😉


It is a process that must be harmonized with time through a method and training.


I can’t think of starting running today for 40 minutes a day, if I’ve never done it, I would collapse.

Yet many think they can dedicate themselves to their inner growth right away. Without a gradual approach, without a guide …

Without a path that, over time, makes us reach a stable and concrete result.

This is Awareness 2021.


A path where you are taught techniques, practices and methods to know yourself, learn to love yourself and live your life fully.


It is not an event that ends in a weekend BUT it is the beginning of a process.

Designed for all those who want to immerse themselves, really meet and get to know each other.


🔥For all those who want to meet again

🔥 Discover your own talents

🔥 Letting go of limits, fears, the past and everything that prevents us from being free.


Simply, ask for information, it’s free and it costs nothing to do so.

👉Awareness 2021


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: William Blake said: “If the doors of perception were open, everything would appear as it is, infinite.


This infinity is all around us now.

To see it you have to get out of the prison of the thoughts of your mind.

Come and do it with us!

Don’t miss it!👈

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