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Awareness 👉 An Invitation to Your Freedom

Awareness 👉 An Invitation to Your Freedom
10 marzo 2021

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👉 An Invitation to Your Freedom


If you observe a child, especially the smallest ones, you realize that they have all the time in the world, while we adults seem to never have enough.


This is because a child’s mind does not categorize time into weeks (or even worse, into hours😉) …


In the child there is no after and a before because his perception is almost exclusively of the present time.


The whole universe of a child revolves around what you live and do right now.


… on the other hand, a child (unfortunately) is easily manipulated. He can be abused in an instant because he doesn’t know how to defend himself. He can absorb negative energies because it is not aware of certain internal, relational, personal dynamics …

it is just a child.

Instead, when we grow up and become adults we gain the experience and awareness of certain modalities.

We learn to defend ourselves and to fight, and often we enter a circle where our childish carelessness and the freedom to be in the present are buried by tasks and activities, by the routine of adults and their granitic rationality.


It seems that we are paying the price for organization, efficiency and growth in this way. Is it a good price?

For many, yes, but for us it seems a bit too expensive.


Try to think about this👇

What would your life be like if you were lucky enough to flow into the present like a child and the organized attention of an adult?


How would you be?

Like a Rose🌹

Open to the world yet pungent if circumstances require it.


Leaving the metaphor of the flower, how do you build this state of being?

Joining the Child to the Adult CANNOT be a physical act, it would be absurd.

It is obviously an internal maneuver linked to the degree of awareness.


In the sense that my awareness of being, brings back into action the ability to fully live the present even if I am 40 years old.

At the same time it improves and enhances the ability to take responsibility and know how to organize myself.

Living life to the full, in fact, does not just mean enjoying it, always indulging my emotions and feelings.


In the long run, this would lead me to regret the consequences.


Unifying the Adult with the Child means learning and practicing methods and techniques to know yourself.

To… really meet and find each other again.

So that the past (and its understanding) becomes a tool to make us let go of limits and fears … and not the other way around.

Come and find out with us> Awareness 2021.


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: do as the child, live in the present for a moment and come to see.

There are no dangers or abuses, there is only an invitation to increase your awareness and your freedom


Awareness 2021


Don’t miss it!👈

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