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Awareness 👉 LIFE vs DEATH

Awareness 👉 LIFE vs DEATH
26 febbraio 2021

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In line with being the creator of one’s own destiny, we stimulate your mind with this phrase:


The course of destiny is unchangeable. The challenge lies in how far we are able to go and to what extent we manage to be impeccable within these rigorous limits


Expressed in this way it seems that there is nothing I can do to change things. 

And still, at the same time, if I don’t try to change it I will live in a flat, monotonous  way and I will certainly not be happy.

Still you have undoubtedly already tried to achieve things in your life: a project, a journey, an initiative and (as much as you tried hard) you didn’t manage, right?

In the same way other things immediately succeeded and took off … why?

Simple: DESTINY.

👉But then how can I be the creator of my destiny?

Today we’ll tell you a secret worth a million dollars

Your life’s destiny is like a wave, a wake… an energy.


✴️You need to ride it, it needs to be empowered (as you would say speaking of personal growth).

✴️Destiny is like a plant that needs to be cultivated and grown as well as possible.


And there’s something that you should NEVER do when it comes to destiny…you know what that is?


Force it.


✴️Are you 100% sure that you know where the power of your life will lead you?

✴️Do you already know everything about yourself or is life still able to surprise you mysteriously?

✴️Would you like life to present you with unexpected (positive) surprises?


The ego wants to force a mechanism to its liking, instead awareness desires to be in harmony with this mechanism and humbly flow together. 

It is all connected

✔ It is not really possible to be the creator of one’s own destiny.

✔ As much as it is not possible to be passive and never to do anything.


You need to balance these two opposites in an irrational maneuver of pure awareness.

👉The more I grow in awareness, the more my life becomes a mystery.

Mystery not in the sense of confusion… but marvel!

The limits of our social (and everyday) life are very definite and are dictated by our inner ignorance.

So the challenge, even before thinking about destiny, is to get rid of the ignorance of my spirit.And you do this with awareness, because…


✔ The more you ignore certain laws the more ordinary you are 

✔ The more ordinary you are the more boredom sets in

✔ The more bored you are… the more you are dying


Being aware means being alive

Come and see for yourself

Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: when we are on a ship that is sinking, each minute spent inside of it is very costly…

Ignorance in life, or not growing in awareness as one desires, is similar to seeing the water level rise ever more. 

Letting it arrive up to one’s neck even…

Do a simple action to get yourself out

Don’t miss it!👈

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