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Awareness 👉 The Life Knocking at the Door

Awareness 👉 The Life Knocking at the Door
7 aprile 2021

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 The Life Knocking at the Door


A farmer knows well that, in order to harvest tomatoes in the summer, he will soon have to prepare the soil and start planting them.


He has to do this work of preparation, planting and harvesting not only for the tomatoes but for all the vegetables and fruits of the earth he wants.


As a Bricklayer, he knows very well that if in a few months he wants to see the house ..he must start laying the foundations.


Without foundations, and without all the construction work, he will not see the result of his house being built.

For these two figures it is automatic to work to obtain a specific result.

They don’t even think about it … I want the vegetables I start preparing the garden.

Nothing simpler.


YET when we talk about building our own life, a question mark as big as (it should be said) a house arises!

This is because no one in school taught us to study, design and practice in this sense.


Most of us do not even think about the possibility of actively building our own destiny.

It acts automatically on the tracks offered by society: school, university or work, family or single, work for life.

And it happens then (often) that we find ourselves at a certain age (who before and who after) asking questions ❓❓

It is obvious that this happens, because returning to our Mason …


… it is as if he had built the house without laying the foundations first, at a certain moment the problem arises.

And, unless I’m lucky and it went well, life knocks on the door at some point …

“Hey … I’m here, what do you want to do?”

If I need tools and fertilizer to cultivate a vegetable garden, I still have to use certain tools to cultivate my life.

And life is my Strength, my mysterious opportunity to be here, to perceive what surrounds me and to interact with it.


There is a very important question. Whose answer can really make a difference:

How aware am I that I am here and alive?

Because to act directly on my life and shape it according to my predilection, I need to be aware of what my direction actually is and how to properly direct my life.


This Awareness process, like a Garden or a House, is something that can be learned to build over time.


To empower and express.

The Awareness event, which will be held next May, is specifically aimed at this.


Stimulate, awaken and develop Awareness.

It will be a 3-day course, led by a coach of consummate experience.

In fact, Patrizio Paoletti, the trainer of the event, is internationally recognized for his contribution in the philosophical and scientific fields. In addition to being a mentor and personal and corporate inspirer at the highest levels.

To give you an idea of ​​his caliber and effectiveness, among the people Patrizio personally followed we find YURI CHECHI, ​​the Olympic champion and MICHAEL KELL RYAN, the co-founder of Ryan Air.


Patrizio Paoletti has been involved in developing the idea of ​​Human Inner Design for over thirty years.


That’s why we send you this invitation in complete safety and with the enthusiasm of offering you something exceptional


Awareness – THE BEST OF YOU


Simply look at the event page and ask us for all the information you want.

You can fill out the form inside or reply to this email and we will be happy to make an appointment (without any commitment).

Easyacademy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: there is actually a commitment 😉

because something we want to achieve is waiting for US to move towards it.

A bit like the echo of a valley. He’s not dead, just wait for your voice.

In this case it becomes a creative, personal commitment that can generate a lot of enthusiasm.

If something touched you in this email, follow it, don’t let things go as they go … do as the Farmer, start sowing


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