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Awareness:Ride the Only Wave (of consciousness) still alive!

Awareness:Ride the Only Wave (of consciousness) still alive!
14 aprile 2021

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Ride the Only Wave
(of consciousness) still alive!


One of the keys to understanding the most fascinating events is certainly that of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar.

According to their calculation, the Universe moves forward through a Wave system, which influences the birth of religions, science and technology, industry and capitalism …

Each Wave corresponds to a degree of collective consciousness.


For example, the Seventh Wave, which began in 1755 after Christ, was the Wave of Power that gave way to the Eighth Wave of consciousness, which emerged in 1999: the Wave of Ethics.

If you notice, the 2000s were characterized by an ethical awakening that favorably affected many sectors. Today ethics, despite the abuses we witness (and soon we see why), can no longer be taken into consideration.

Each wave, from the first to the last, lasts less and less time and fewer years, and it goes faster and faster.

Here is the acceleration of time that we have all felt for some years now.


According to the Calendar, in fact, on March 9, 2011 we entered the Ninth and final Wave: the Wave of Conscious Co-Creation.

We might think … BUT then why do so many misdeeds keep happening?


Because, within the Ninth Wave, all the other previous Waves of Consciousness are still active.

Even if it is no longer their time and they are dying out, they bring their aftermath and tail swings.


The Conscious Co-Creation of the Ninth Wave is about the deadline for the creation of an Age, an Enlightened World that we all desire.

Before that, it concerns our inner, spiritual and conscious identity that forms the basis of the new world.

And my renewed identity must in turn rest on Awareness, awakened and cleansed of all past memories

Just in 1999, with the emergence of the Ethics Wave, Patrizio Paoletti organized his first seminar with over 1000 people, called “Make Your Life Extraordinary”.

Since then, over hundreds of seminars created, dozens of formats designed, hundreds of exceptional speakers (nobel prizes, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists …) and hundreds of thousands of participants.

Until the conception of a training project (Awareness) in line with the times we are living in, and precisely with the Ninth Wave of Conscious Co-creation.

Patrizio has always said that the future for our species is contained in the awareness of the whole.


And, while it may not seem so now, our future is moving towards a wealth that will be redistributed, towards a benevolent power that will make the collective prosper. And, perhaps most importantly, towards a forgiveness that will bring peace to the heart.

The New Wave of this time is mirrored in Awareness.

And that’s what we’re inviting you to

Awareness 2021


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


PS:they always say “ride the wave“.

This expression has NEVER been more appropriate, if you’ve read this far.

It is not precisely a sea wave but of your awareness.

There are many people like you who are discovering it to learn how to ride it.

Many who no longer want to be at the mercy of the outside and their old self.

Come and regain your Awareness


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