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AWARENESS: Do you choose the Hero or the Phantom?

AWARENESS:  Do you choose the Hero or the Phantom?
26 maggio 2021

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Do you choose the Hero or the Phantom?


Whether you are religious or not, this dynamic you are about to read is vital for the development of your awareness:


In Jesus’ time, when people (in Nazareth or in Capernaum) indicated him as the Messiah, many replied:


But he is the carpenter’s son!”, Referring to Joseph, the father.


Whether or not we believe in this story, what does it teach us anyway?


That what we know (or think we know) and what we label in a certain way may constitute the wonderless enclosure in which we stand.


A bit like a cheetah, it is capable of speeding at 120 kilometers per hour and beyond!


As long as it is in the wild, not inside a fence.


Returning to the metaphor of Jesus👇


imagine those people who said no to the wonder of having the Messiah in flesh and blood close at hand, because they labeled him “the carpenter’s son”, and it all ended there!


The summary is that:


our memories, if badly organized and badly managed, can turn into ordinariness, a sense of inability and distrust of something wonderful.


👇 Take the travel metaphor for example


the Journey of Awareness, is comparable to the great epic journeys.


Heroes who plowed the known towards unknown lands that gave them:


⭐️ marvel

⭐️ courage

⭐️ adventure

⭐️ life

⭐️ discovery


These unexplored territories also exist within ourselves.


And it is those journeys that offer the possibility of living intensely, serenely and happily.


It is to such an adventure that we are inviting you.


Take this journey with us.


Awareness> The Best You


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


PS: Like any trip worthy of the name, it’s not always easy, it doesn’t always go smoothly.


Take Captain Nemo’s Nautylus, incredible adventure, wonderful discoveries: but also the Nautylus (the submarine) occasionally ran aground.


… and then slowly resume the journey.


As a famous Pink Floyd song says


They took you to barter

Your heroes for ghosts?

A cold comfort for change?


If you feel that this dynamic is happening inside you (for many different reasons) …


We offer you a life-giving exchange.


A barter in your favor🤝


You just have to leave the house and go on a journey!



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