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AWARENESS: Doing Your Greatest Deed

AWARENESS:  Doing Your Greatest Deed
31 maggio 2021

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AWARENESS: Doing Your Greatest Deed


You may not know the story of Philippe Petit, the tightrope walker.


Which in 1974 accomplishes its greatest feat👇



That is, the crossing of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center


You read that right, suspended at a height of 400 meters, without nets and without any safety belt.


This was his dream, costing him 6 years of planning and tons of courage.


But for Philippe, walking on the wire was a metaphor for life:


“There is a beginning, an end, a progress, and if you take a step to the side, you die. The tightrope walker approaches things destined to remain distant, it is his mystical dimension “


The tightrope walker then brings something close to him that would normally be far away.


In this case he approached and practiced his dream.


No matter what, each of us has one. Maybe in the drawer, maybe he is living it.


But surely if I take a step to the side, as Philippe said, I move away from my dream, which would then be my fulfillment of life.


Where is my happiness. My objective.


So it can be said that centering and, let’s add, interiority constitute a dimension for which I am well directed to my purpose.


Surely, a lot of concentration is required to walk on a wire at a height of 400 meters.


This is why, by combining the various elements of the discussion, increasing the awareness of my being and qualitatively nourishing the relationship with myself are actions that in a certain sense ensure that my dream is closer to me.


👇This is what we are striving for


The development of Awareness, the fundamental cause of the realization of our intimate dream.


And as always, we want to share this path and these tools with you:


Awareness – The Law of Attraction


Feel free to share it with those close to you and anyone you think would benefit from it.


Good continuation from the Easy Academy!


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