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AWARENESS: Feeling Protected From Everything That Happens

AWARENESS: Feeling Protected From Everything That Happens
5 maggio 2021

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Feeling Protected From Everything That Happens


You will surely have received help and then want to repay it. And to commit yourself to it.

When I find myself in debt to something, or someone, it is as if a state of mind is triggered, an impulse in myself for which I am not really well until I repay, until I assess my situation again.

It is also true that not all debts can be fully repaid.

Maybe we find ourselves in a circumstance where the help that comes to us from outside or from others is greater than what we can then actually give back.

There is a way, however, to reciprocate the gesture received not only to be free, but also to put ourselves in a state of harmony and balance.

And this has to do with the word “thank you“.

Gratitude, the word says so, puts me in that particular state of Grace. So my actions run on “protected and blessed tracks”.


What does it mean??

That, even if I am not in the material condition of repaying the help I received in the same way, then the Gratitude and my sincere commitment mean that the other, the situation is still satisfied by my state of mind.

So many times it is said: “Just the thought”.

And it is true, in this sense, what matters is sincere thought, the genuine attitude of being grateful to who (or what) has helped us in our time of need.

Then there will be a thousand practical ways to express this feeling and reciprocate help.

And anyway, when I need help with something, in a way it’s good.

It means that I can better mature and focus my vision on what I want to do, what I want to become… on what I need help for.

Be it an economic loan, moral support, a job … whatever the area in which I am helped, it can be a school for me to strengthen the direction of my path.

This is why it is important to be grateful.

At the same time, if you’ve read this far, it is very important to be aware and aware of my direction.


Where am I going and where do I want to go?

Do I actually have the strength to follow the path I feel?


Many times we know what we have to do but often we lack the will to do it, it is normal.

That is why gratitude, to be a driving force, needs my awareness, my desire to be free.

The fact is that certain inner tendencies can cause conflict within me. As in the famous IceBerg image:

Raising awareness means exploring your depths with light and bringing to the surface treasures that would be forgotten and unused down there.


Those treasures constitute your strength, now imprisoned.

✴️ It is not true that you have no will, you simply have to free it.

✴️ It is not true that you do not have strength, but you must give it the opportunity to activate.


At the end of May, we will dedicate three days to these practices.

To these workouts and these possibilities.

And we would be grateful for you to participate

Awareness, the best YOU


It is not a simple event but a chance you give yourself to free yourself.

It is an act of gratitude towards the protagonist of the story: YOU.

Do not miss.

Or if you want to contact us to receive all the information you want (without obligation) do it so.

We are at your disposal in this.

To your Vision and your Freedom!


Awareness, the best YOU


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