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AWARENESS: (Happiness + a Destination) What would we be without?

AWARENESS:  (Happiness + a Destination) What would we be without?
19 maggio 2021

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(Happiness + a Destination)
What would we be without?


“Alice in Wonderland” is a beautiful metaphor for those who have the courage and initiative to cross the threshold of the known (and the ordinary).


This little girl sets off into a magical world by descending the White Rabbit’s lair.


And, especially in the Disney cartoon, this descent perfectly recalls the exploration of our unconscious!


Along the way to the wonderful territory, Alice will meet the Cheshire Cat. Complaining to him because she didn’t know which way to go.


“It all depends on where you want to go,” the fairy feline tells her.


Alice replies: “It doesn’t really matter …“, and the Cheshire Cat interrupts her:


Then it doesn’t matter which road you take.


IMAGINE now that you are at an amusement park


✋we do another playful reflection before getting to the point.


You are wandering around the rides and you see… the Balloons!


You want one, so you approach the seller to buy it.


He unties it from the rest of the balloons and doesn’t give you the simple string in your hand.


Especially if you are a child, he ties the balloon string to your wrist.


So this won’t run away from you.




Your Happiness is the Balloon.


What are you tying happiness to?


Your happiness is your way.


Where are you heading?


We offer you a magic Balloon that will take you straight to Wonderland.


It takes courage because the journey is full of amazement, beauty and wonders!


And it is the journey that wants to ensure you two things:


✴️ Happiness is a Way


What would we be in life without happiness and without a path?


And, as Cheshire Cat said to Alice: choosing where to go is fundamental.


And it is important to choose a path that has a heart.


A path that leads you to the real YOU.


🛑 (no illusions)


Our ship leaves in a few days.


The journey we are inviting you to begins on May 28th.


Find out if this is the trip for you.


Explore … and if you feel it resonates, don’t delay. Do not think…


Join us!


Awareness – the best YOU


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


PS: As long as you tie happiness to an event, you won’t be happy.


You will float with it, sometimes up and sometimes down.


Happiness (the real one) is connected to You. Not so much about what you live, do or happen to you, but it is independent.


And to rediscover this autonomy, it is necessary to awaken the real YOU and make it active again.


Join us in such an enterprise!


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


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