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AWARENESS: If it’s your dream: “Leave!” (even alone)

AWARENESS:  If it’s your dream: “Leave!” (even alone)
6 luglio 2021

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If it’s your dream: “Leave!” (even alone)


Every night, a certain Silvano went to bed, putting a small machine on which he worked on the bedside table.

Silvano sought nocturnal inspiration before falling asleep.

That machine was a kind of hydraulic pump.

He had read with amazement that water cost more than oil in Arabia.

That’s why he wanted to create pumps: to get the water where it wasn’t.

Nobody listened to him, however: investors and banks shook their heads left and right.

But Silvano still read that in Arabia: “Opening the tap and seeing pure water come out was more amazing than finding an oil well”.


That was how he left! Alone, following his dream, towards the Middle East.

Today Silvano Pedrollo s.p.a. it counts 1000 direct employees and 270 million turnover.


And in all this Silvano asks himself: “How did I manage to do all this”


The answer comes to him concretely with Bangladesh.

For that country he designed pumps that cost very little, so even a poor farmer could buy them.


And where the water was moved in buckets by women, it now flowed at a thousand liters per minute.

When Silvano returned to those areas, a crowd was waiting for him at the airport, with almost 100 journalists.

Silvano says that: “The people were very happy and grateful”.“.

This is how he managed to make his dream come true, Silvano understood: doing a greater Good than himself.

With many efforts and difficulties, especially at the beginning, but the reward went far beyond imaginable.

This means attracting prosperity and profit to oneself.

This means combining the drive and the desire to do Good with Success and Economic return.

🌟It is a principle in all respects, which we could define as a law.


And this principle, which works as it did for Silvano Pedrollo, will be explored in depth in an event that we will do in October.

The event dedicated to the Law of Attraction:



The survey will be conducted by Patrizio Paoletti, coach and mentor of personalities such as:

✴️ Micheal Ryan, co-founder of Ryan Air

✴️ Yuri Chechi, famous Olympic champion


Ask for information by registering from this site


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: maybe you don’t know that for UNIMPRESA members there is a 30% discount on the participation ticket.

UNIMPRESA is the association that represents micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy.

By becoming a Supporting Member (with a symbolic fee of € 30) you can benefit from the 30% Discount Coupon on the event.

If you want to know more you can register by asking for information from this page

Awareness – the Law of Attraction


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