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Awareness: The Beauty of a Loving Heart

Awareness: The Beauty of a Loving Heart
27 aprile 2021

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 The Beauty of a Loving Heart


“As a rule, the great decisions of human life have more to do with instincts than with conscious will and reasonableness.”


This was what Carl Gustav Jung said.


It will surely have happened to you, however, that you made too impulsive decisions (because maybe you didn’t want to repress yourself anymore) and then found yourself paying consequences you hadn’t thought of before.


Does the satisfaction of a certain desire make me happy or does it cause me remorse?


The choice is not always easy and quick.


Some of us are able to spend years before making a final decision.


Simply because they don’t know which way to go, and this happens when they get lost.


Albus Dumbledore, the legendary Headmaster of the Harry Potter school, said:


“Happiness can be found even in the darkest moments, if only one remembers … to turn on the light”


It is clear that, in difficult moments, turning on the light of hope is perhaps one of the last things I think about but …


Inside me, colored by many desires and reasons to be managed and deciphered, I can still feel that force that guides of my life.


Within me I can feel that heart that can let life-blood flow in abundance and hope to my fulfillment.


What I have to do is give it the chance to do what it was created for.


This is because my heart wants to be stable, it wants to be full.


A loving heart is a beautiful whole heart.


But be careful: it doesn’t mean I can’t fall and hurt myself.


It would most likely be unreal …


Instead, what is real is the act of renewing oneself. Like the ancient Japanese art of repairing ceramics.

Do you know it?


By breaking, the ceramic takes on new life through the fracture lines of the object, which are usually filled or lacquered with gold, and therefore this becomes even more valuable, thanks to its scars.


The art of embracing damage, of not being ashamed of wounds, is the delicate symbolic lesson.


And there is a method, a way to make my heart and soul take on new life and new value.


If the ceramic scars are filled and repaired with gold, then certain signs of the past that we carry inside can be healed with awareness.


This is the strength that helps you find yourself and discover your talents.


Increasing inner awareness is the act that enables you to let go of your limits, your fears and everything that prevents you from being free.


This is the invitation we send you.


If what you’ve read resonates within you, don’t wait.


Maybe this is the right time, as Jung said, to make a big decision for your life.


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