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AWARENESS: The best gift you can give yourself

AWARENESS:  The best gift you can give yourself
12 maggio 2021

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The best gift you can give yourself


The caterpillar that becomes a butterfly is perhaps one of the most beautiful metaphors of the Best Gift we can give to ourselves and to the world around us.


Imagine for a moment this caterpillar, with many legs, greenish and always eating 🙂


At a certain moment, through a series of mutations, he withdraws into his cocoon until he comes out completely transformed … becoming a Queen of Heaven: the butterfly.


What few people know is that this metamorphosis is not always easy for the caterpillar, in fact (in very simple terms) to start the transformation, our pet must secrete a particular liquid, which will then be used when it is a butterfly.


This experience can be very painful, biologists have studied.


And when we desire change, things around us don’t always turn the way we want.


Sometimes we face a dark time, a time when we definitely need to fortify ourselves.


Imagine if the caterpillar was always a caterpillar …


And, when we go through a particular moment in our life, perhaps what we want to do is stop and dedicate a moment to ourselves.


Because from that intimate moment something beautiful can be born.


Something that is yours and you are so happy (and proud) about it that you want to share it spontaneously with others.


Now, the caterpillar withdraws into a chrysalis made of silk filaments, stems, pebbles …


What is your chrysalis instead of?


It is made up of stillness, silence… concentration.


Precisely of a sacred moment suspended from everything else, which you give to You.


That is why it is our desire to present you an event dedicated to this Metamorphosis.


A focused and intimate path that wants to lead you to the best version of you.


A bit like the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly.


The event is called Awareness, awareness.


Because this force is the engine of your transformation.


The more you cultivate it, the more you increase it, the less you will be subject to other forces that want to keep you on the ground.


Instead, you will be able to fly, to free yourself towards your serenity.


Awareness – The best you   




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