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AWARENESS: The Law of Attraction (Online Seminar)

AWARENESS:  The Law of Attraction (Online Seminar)
7 giugno 2021

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The Law of Attraction (Online Seminar)


Do you know who Ehsan Maghami is?


He is a person who, on February 8 and 9, 2011, played against just 604 opponents, simultaneously, in Chess!


He went from board to board making a single move. Against six hundred and four contenders.


And he only lost eight games.


Instead, moving to Poland, Xavier Tartakower (also a well-known chess player) one day said:


“Mistakes are all there on the board waiting to be made”


The reverse is also true 👉the right moves are all already there, waiting to be made.


1️⃣ What decides what mistakes and what winning moves we make in life?


2️⃣ If the mistakes and successes are all already there, how can I make sure I attract more success?


Let’s tackle this topic completely with Patrizio Paoletti.


In an unmissable event dedicated to the Law of Attraction.


✴️ The additional news is that the participation fee is in super promotion, just for a few days


✴️ The further good news is that from this page you can get a Coupon that entitles you to an additional 10% discount


So if the Law of Attraction is in your interests and you want to deepen it as you may have never done before …


There is no time more convenient than now.


Go to this page to get your Coupon or be contacted for all the information you want:


Awareness – The Law of Attraction  


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi




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