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Boris Johnson announces gradual easing of lockdown – BBC News | VIDEO

11 maggio 2020

Boris Johnson announces gradual easing of lockdown – BBC News

The prime minister has outlined measures to start a gradual easing of the lockdown in England, while warning of the danger of a second surge of the pandemic.

In a television address Boris Johnson said it was the right time to “update” the government’s message in England, from “stay at home” to “stay alert”.

But Labour warned that the new message lacked clarity.

And the “stay at home” message is not being changed in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister’s plan urges anyone who can’t work from home to return to work, but to avoid using public transport if possible.

People will be told they can exercise as much as they want but playing sports can only be done with members of the same household.

From June schools in England could see a partial reopening starting at primary level.

There are no plans for a full return of secondary schools before September. From July at the earliest, parts of the hospitality industry and other public places might be re-opened.

There may be some kind of quarantine for all air travellers arriving in the UK although there is no detail yet.

Fonte: BBC News  – link Video youtube

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