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IN PEACE WITH YOURSELF: Objective achieved

IN PEACE WITH YOURSELF: Objective achieved
18 febbraio 2021

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Objective achieved 

Before retiring from boxing, Rocky Marciano won 49 times in a row.

And all for the KO.


TWENTY of these 49 fights he won by the Third Round.


Sure, who knows… maybe he would have lost the 50th one.


Fact is that he retired together with the title as the best boxer of all times.


And Rocky, the real one, teaches us two things in particular:


✴️ MOVE YOURSELF, that is never remain in the corner, where you take the blows, for too long.


Which means: move yourself away from the states that are not useful for our lives such as stress, frustration, tension, lack of self-confidence etc.);


✴️ ABILITY TO TAKE DISTANCE, in order to strike the perfect blow (Rocky Marciano was undefeated thanks to his coordinated and lethal right hand punch, which left no way out).


Which means: taking the right distance that allows you to see things clearly and consequently react proactively.


We also add a third ingredient, which a boxer probably doesn’t have:



Once you have moved yourself and taken the right distance, you will see clearly that there is space for your life.


Everything that was absolute and oppressive before, now takes on a new and more containable measure. Difficulty is transformed in ability.


These three techniques require training and vigilance in order to be put in practice.

And, ideally, a trainer is required.


The path leading to success is always made up of the following combination:




The teaching comes to us from the outside, the application and the putting in practice  depend on us.


But one thing that makes the difference in the world, in the success of our projects, is the privilege of having a guide (10 times more expert than us) who commits to making us reach the goal.


Now, think for a moment, about what you would like to reach.

Give yourself a moment’s break…

And then explore this resource


What we are offering is the possibility of success in your inner growth integrated with your work and your relationships.

By acting on the fundamental principle: awareness.


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: the greatest cause of discontent of the human soul is postponing what we are destined to be.

There are those amongst us who don’t understand what we are talking about, instead there are those who are conscious of their potential but always postpone the crucial step to take.

If these last words resound with you, well, make the step, do it now

Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

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