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The Rivers of India: Godavari river – BBC News

23 maggio 2019

The Rivers of India: Godavari river – BBC News

Each year more than 300 million people in India have to battle severe water shortages. Many farmers in India have found themselves overwhelmed by debt Over 40% of India’s workforce is employed in agriculture. Farmers sometimes borrow heavily to buy seeds, equipment and other essentials but then struggle with debt. Poor harvests due to bad weather can devastate crops, leading to financial disaster and in some cases to farmers killing themselves. One of world’s biggest, Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is expected to solve the long standing water crisis in the southern state of Telangana. It is supposed to bring prosperity to many parched areas but not everyone is happy with it. BBC went to investigate the issue along with a group of youtubers who also come from the same state and face similar issues. Video by: Aamir Peerzada, Neha Sharma and Sangeetham Prabhakar

Source: BCC News – link Video youtube

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