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AWARENESS: (Daily Challenges) Ride the Wave and Rejoice

AWARENESS:  (Daily Challenges) Ride the Wave and Rejoice
22 giugno 2021

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(Daily Challenges) Ride the Wave and Rejoice


In a time of scarcity it is easy to step back, be afraid and become paralyzed.

But there are some people who have reacted by transforming their reality, their family and their company into a community of life.


“Please don’t write employees.

I have no employee, the only employee is me “


This phrase was said by Giorgio, from Fratelli Campagnolo, a company with over 1,000 employees.

It all started in the 1930s in Bassano del Grappa, as he saw his mother spinning home he decided to open a banquet at the market where he sold wool.

And, since at that time it was sold in quarters, the rest was thrown away.

So one day, Giorgio decided not to waste the leftovers but to make them into warm colorful earmuffs, which then became a must on the ski slopes.

All this was born in a difficult climate for him, with four brothers and a widowed mother.

In that situation of scarcity, he received the intuition that led him over time to create a company with an annual turnover of 170 million.

As you can see, the basic idea is always the Thought.

A simple idea can grow to unexpected and flourishing proportions.


“I want to clarify that the history of our company has never made use of a single hour of layoffs, we have not left anyone behind”


Giorgio continues to affirm that what gives him the most joy is “helping”.

This is because the Good attracts the Good.

A joyful person, who fights for his cause, plus helping others … is building a dimension of unparalleled Prosperity.

And everything, we reiterate, comes from an inner structure, from an attitude, from a thought.

This particular Thought will be thoroughly explored next October.

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PS: we are living in a delicate time, perhaps one of the most particular in human history.

In moments like these, we can create an idea within us that can better change our fortunes.

Or an idea capable of making us continue with even more strength in the right direction already undertaken.

In both cases, everything arises from a Thought capable of drawing prosperity and well-being to itself.

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