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AWARENESS: Facilitate the realization of your business

AWARENESS:  Facilitate the realization of your business
4 agosto 2021

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Facilitate the realization of your business


“Enthusiasm is the main ground from which ideas are born”

This was said by Lene Thun, founder of Thun s.p.a. (terracotta decorations).


At first they were a small family-run business and then one night, watching their children sleep, the idea came to create some little angels.

This, together with a positive spirit, constituted the product that launched the company.

In fact, Lene said of her creations: “I hope that my figures, in which I infuse all my love, will find a place in the hearts of many”.


There is another person, in America, one of the greatest sellers of the first half of the 1900s, who also cultivated a particular mood.

Frank Bettger won the Top Seller award for 20 consecutive years.

How? He applied the rule of enthusiasm to sales.

He said that sometimes he found himself playing the part of the enthusiastic person, but that state of mind then led customers to trust him.

Obviously, with time and experience, this passion became his real lifestyle.


The key aspect of these two figures was their adoption a certain interior arrangement.

✴️ That state magnetically attracted practical opportunity to them.

✴️ And it made it easier for them to do their business.

Next October we will see in detail this “X Factor” which determines our ability to influence events.

It is called the Law of Attraction and we will explore it with Patrizio Paoletti.

We speak of a principle which, when applied, works in the same way as a physical law.

It’s just that instead of working with objects externally, it works internally with our mind.


Leading the exploration will be Patrizio Paoletti.

Creator of the Spherical Model of Consciousness, recognized in the neuroscientific field as the most complete and functional to date produced.

It collaborates with Italian and foreign research institutes and universities, such as the La Sapienza University of Rome, the CNR, the RINED, the Bar Ilan University and the Gonda Institute Research Center in Tel Aviv.


Find out more from here : 




Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


Maybe you don’t know that for UNIMPRESA members there is a 30% discount on the participation ticket

UNIMPRESA is the association that represents micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy.

By becoming a Supporting Member (with a symbolic fee of € 30) you can benefit from the 30% Discount Coupon on the event.

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