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AWARENESS: It is no coincidence: many employees and a lot of profit

AWARENESS:  It is no coincidence: many employees and a lot of profit
27 luglio 2021

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It is no coincidence: many employees and a lot of profit


Just think that in Sicily there is a company that every month, when payday comes, calls every employee to talk and look him in the face.

You need to see faces, I am convinced that the company is like a community,” says one of the three owners.

His father, the founder, called him the Olivetti of Sicily because he saw the company as a tool for the realization of people.

It is therefore no coincidence that this company now has more than 200 employees.

The company, for all employees who do not have a home, foreigners and Italians, has built housing that is given away for free.

Employees do not pay rent and their salary is not affected.

At Mediterranea srl, flowers are grown and sold. On an international scale.

The attention to the person is also given by how these flowers are treated: with steam.

No chemical agents are used which will then have to be breathed by employees, with often irreversible damage.

So even here it is no coincidence that the company bills 10 million a year.

The “chance” is actually paradoxically dictated by our will.

This is why compliance with certain basic principles and values ​​is essential for the success of a project and a company.

Attracting people’s profit, satisfaction, esteem and affection to oneself is part of a real process.

We are talking about a principle that can be concretely applied to daily life.

And this factor we will see in depth in this event:


that from next October will start a thematic cycle of meetings in which to learn how to process data correctly for a new and better result for themselves and for the whole.


Patrizio Paoletti is the creator of the Spherical Model of Consciousness, recognized in the neuroscientific field as the most complete and functional to date produced.


From 2000 to today, his strategic vision and his creative abilities have innovated and redesigned the international panorama of training on the new psycho-emotional skills of corporate leadership.


If you have a company, if you are a manager or simply want to improve and refine your results, do not miss the event.


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


Maybe you don’t know that for UNIMPRESA members there is a 30% discount on the participation ticket

UNIMPRESA is the association that represents micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy.

By becoming a Supporting Member (with a symbolic fee of € 30) you can benefit from the 30% Discount Coupon on the event.

If you want to know more, register by asking for info from this page



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