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AWARENESS: Formula B. “for Freedom of Profit and Ethics”

AWARENESS:  Formula B. “for Freedom of Profit and Ethics”
20 luglio 2021

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Formula B. “for Freedom of Profit and Ethics”


Profit is a consequence of quality and attention (even before the product) to people

This was stated by the director of a company with 350 employees.

At the entrance a large poster hangs on which it says:

To those men and women who believe in overcoming a mechanistic vision through greater humanism

The same director, and we are talking about a company with a turnover of 258 million, left his role for several years. He wanted to question himself.

As he says: “I wanted to delve into the ways of the mind and spirit. An ambition far removed from the vision of the best entrepreneurs of the time (late 1980s) “.

And after this investigation into himself, Niccolò Branca decides to return to the company.

To make use of what he had experienced for the benefit of many.

There are many stories of this company, which has overcome great crises without firing a single person.

Or small-big examples such as having granted “unpaid” leave to an employee, who had to deal with a serious problem in the family.

👉Except that instead of not paying her, she regularly received her salary for the entire time of leave.

This is the result of Niccolò Branca’s vision:

A planetary humanism in which science, technology and metaphysics intertwine to find the right formula between the freedom of profit and Ethics

And all this would not have been possible without the profound research he decided to do on himself.

To work directly on his awareness.

This type of work gives entrepreneurs a strength and a humanistic vision that can enable them to face difficult times like the current one more easily.

The event we are organizing for October 2021 follows precisely this line.

The development of Awareness:


And this process will be led by Patrizio Paoletti.

From 2000 to today, his strategic vision and his creative abilities have innovated and redesigned the international panorama of training on the new psycho-emotional skills of corporate leadership.

Paoletti is a reference point for entrepreneurs, administrators, top managers, professionals, artists, athletes, politicians, doctors and teachers.

Our desire is to generate an awareness that is able to pragmatically unify entrepreneurship with profit, the person and his happiness.

It is not just a dream, it is also in the spirit of this time.

Ask for information by registering from this site

Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi


Maybe you don’t know that for UNIMPRESA members there is a 30% discount on the participation ticket

UNIMPRESA is the association that represents micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy.

By becoming a Supporting Member (with a symbolic fee of € 30) you can benefit from the 30% Discount Coupon on the event.

If you want to know more, register by asking for info from this page



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