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AWARENESS: Go, fly! You’re made for that

AWARENESS:  Go, fly! You’re made for that
13 luglio 2021

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Go, fly! You’re made for that


“Try to understand the things you absolutely don’t want to do.


By eliminating those, you will be left with a large perimeter of useful and satisfying things”

This phrase is often repeated by Marco Bartoletti, a Tuscan entrepreneur who, as he himself says, has “always followed a light”.

When he was a boy he was an insurer, but it was one of those things he did NOT want to do.

One afternoon he arrives from a new metalworker customer. The workshop was in a deconsecrated church.

Marco sees something in all those machines and asks the metalworker if he can stop and look.

He started going there every afternoon.

Insurer in the morning, worker in the afternoon. Until he closed completely with the insurance companies and started his own mechanical company.

The first customer is found by the Tuscan entrepreneur he was going to look at.

And then he has the idea of ​​putting a nice big ad in the Yellow Pages (we are at the end of the 90s) “Precision Mechanics Company“.

And an order arrives from a large Haute Couture company. From there the take-off.

Today this company flies to a share of 50 million in turnover with 250 employees.

Meanwhile, the key detail:


Marco removed what he didn’t want from sight and just concentrated

on what he wanted.

And it drew him to itself.

Marco Bartoletti is not an isolated case but the example of a person who has put a principle into practice.

An axiom that has the same functionality as the action and reaction principle. There is no escape.


👉 I act the way I think, and from how I act I get the return (profit or loss).

This principle, for some lucky ones, occurred “by chance”. In the sense that perhaps they weren’t totally aware of what they had in their hands, and that it was their success.

Instead, imagine knowing it, in its breadth, and getting to use it as you would use a precision instrument.


This is what we will do in October, in a dedicated event:

Awareness – The Law of Attraction


Event conceived by Patrizio Paoletti, Mentor and Entrepreneur of consummate experience.

In fact, for over thirty years it has been offering original and wise methods of experiential training.

Collaborating with scientists, institutes and international universities such as the Bar Ilan University of Tel Aviv,  La Sapienza University of Rome and the Institute of Neuroscience of the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation.

Request more information by clicking here



Maybe you don’t know that for UNIMPRESA members there is a 30% discount on the participation ticket.

UNIMPRESA is the association that represents micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy.

By becoming a Supporting Member (with a symbolic fee of € 30) you can benefit from the 30% Discount Coupon on the event.

If you want to know more register by asking for info from this page

Awareness – The Law of Attraction


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