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AWARENESS: How to reconcile Humanity and Profit

AWARENESS:  How to reconcile Humanity and Profit
15 giugno 2021

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How to reconcile Humanity and Profit


Maybe you already know Brunello Cucinelli, stylist and entrepreneur.

One of the most beautiful figures in Italy who was able to reconcile Profit (544 million in revenues in 2020) with the Human Being.

For example, a rule in his company is that you cannot work beyond 5.30 pm, and it is forbidden to write by email or whatsapp of any kind. ⁉️⁉️

Because people have to dedicate that time to their family or to themselves.

In 2016 it sold a considerable part of its shares to support the populations affected by the earthquake in Central Italy.


Brunello Cucinelli’s pivotal thought has always been to put respect for people and for creation first.

As he confidently states:

“Humanism in the Company produces Profit and Responsibility”


And this is precisely the key idea that we wish to present to you.

An inner structure capable of attracting and producing utility, benefit, income and interest.

An entrepreneurship capable of profitable achievements in different sectors and dimensions.

To make this happen I need to anchor myself to a pivotal thought, to attract and set in motion favorable causes and consequences.


We will see this very closely in October.

In this event:

Awareness – The Law of Attraction


The result of Patrizio Paoletti’s experience of over 30 years.

Internationally recognized for his contribution in the philosophical and scientific fields.

Patrizio Paoletti is Mentor and Coach of famous personalities

Michael K. Ryan, co-founder of Ryan Air

✅Yuri Chechi, famous Olympic champion

✅Ennio Doris, founder of the Mediolanum Group


During the October event, Paoletti will guide us in defining the moment of CHOICE.

The kind of choice that creates OPPORTUNITIES.

The energy that generates revenue, benefit and prosperity.

You can find out more on this page

Awareness – The Law of Attraction


Easy Academy – Formazione e Servizi

PS: By registering you are entitled to a Discount Coupon for participation.

However, we are at your disposal if you wish to ask us for more information for the event


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