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Finding your way 🌸

Finding your way 🌸
11 febbraio 2021

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Finding your way 🌸

✅ I don’t have time

✅ I’m not interested

✅ I can’t motivate myself

✅ I don’t know where to start my day from

These thoughts emerge in the mind of anyone.

Sometimes in a healthy way, sometimes in a more repetitive and draining way.


These are the many serpents on Medusa’s head, do you remember that image?

Therefore one could think it possible to defeat them gradually one by one.


But the “trick” in reality consists of that one cutting blow that cuts off the head of this dead weight once and for all.

Without giving too much time to each one of them.

And the blow of the saber cut is called: vision.


Because if in the morning you don’t know where to start from, you feel listless, you feel you never have time for anything (even when it interests you), it means that you have lost sight of the way.


The way, in this case, is your true life destination.

ALL the rest, sooner or later, will tire you.

It will make you feel:


🔥that it’s not worth it

🔥that it’s not for you

🔥that you have to drop it

🔥that you are wasting time

If you experience these sensations and feelings, we invite you to not lose more: time.

Because it is precious. For you and your way.


The way of the heart, the way that leads to your fulfillment is yours (above all) and no one else’s

SECONDLY: it is the way that makes you happy when you follow it.

You feel that you have found what you are looking for.

Try to see if this is the way for you 🌸

If it is not, at least you have removed one more doubt.


PS: there’s nothing to lose in exploring a way. If you feel it is not the right one you can simply go back.

But what if it is the right way? …just consider it for a moment


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